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Mindfulness & Meditation 5 Week Course

Starts Sat 27th Feb 11am -12, Ferndale House Learn to manage your mind through mindfulness & meditation techniques. FREE. Donations gratefully received.

What is mindfulness, what is meditation, and how do these two connect? Why is it important to manage my mind? How can I manage my mind? How do I manage my senses? What is the mind, How do I manage my emotions especially anger? What ancient mindfulness and meditation practices can be applied to our modern life?

All these questions and more will be answered over this 5-week course.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring something warm because your body temperature will drop while meditating. Techniques are taught sitting in a chair but you are welcome to bring a yoga mat and cushion if you require extra support.

There will be a Q & A session at the end of each class and easy to follow handouts given out.

Suits all levels, all welcome.

There will be an opportunity after each class to join up at a local plant base café (optional).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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