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About Us

Our Teachers

 Meditation New Zealand (also known as New Zealand School of Meditation) has been teaching simple and practical forms of yoga and meditation for over thirty years.  These methods can be practiced alone or with a group of friends and are fun for young and old alike. By incorporating these practices into your daily life,
you will be able to 
experience the inner peace, harmony and purpose that we are all searching for.

Meditation New Zealand is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization and classes are given free

as a service to the community.

All of our teachers have been practicing a Yoga Meditation Lifestyle for many years. 

Having directly experienced the wonderful benefits this has brought to their own lives, they are

all motivated to help others by passing on the gift they have received.


Radha has been teaching Meditation classes in Auckland for over thirty years. Join her on Tuesdays nights as she puts you through your own 'mini retreat', a combination hour of simple yoga stretches, the wonderful yoga nidra relaxation, mind calming Gauranga breathing and japa meditation, ending with a sweet kirtan.

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Acharya das

International speaker, Acharya das, teaches yogic wisdom, Vedic philosophy, meditation, kirtan, and the path of happiness, to a wide variety of audiences. He has taught yoga wisdom to appreciative audiences for over 40 years. He has an uncommonly deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice and conveys that message in a clear and simple way.

Patrick Christopher

Patrick works closely with Meditation New Zealand throughout the year. He hosts key events such as Meditation New Zealand's Yoga Kirtan Retreats and the International Yoga Day celebration which Meditation New Zealand holds annually in June.

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When he's not out surfing, you'll find Bruce (Ivesvara das), along with his friends, leading wonderful kirtans and sharing his experience on living a Yoga lifestyle at 'Mantra Night', an uplifting evening of mellow and upbeat Kirtan (Mantra Meditation) and spiritual insights.


Ali has been practicing Mantra Meditation for 40 years, and loves to share this with others, offering a wonderful midweek, morning 'Deep Peace' relaxation and Meditation, for all those unable to make an evening class.

Yoga Journey Crew

Sachi, Jahnavi, Vibha & Satya are the lovely hosts of our 'Yoga Journey' program, offering a fresh, young approach to yoga, meditation & kirtan.

The Mantra Band.....more than just music

Lifelong friends, Mantra Band have been playing together for the last 10 years.

Enjoy their unique blend of meditation music combining beautiful Transcendental Sound with soulful melodies and cruisey rock rhythms.  Mantra Band offers something truly special with an uplifting experience!