Free Meditation and Yoga Classes

From Yoga asanas to Deep Peace breathing and relaxation; from quiet meditations to upbeat Kirtan; from simple spiritual insights to in-depth classes on Yoga wisdom,

Meditation New Zealand has something to offer all those looking to bring

more depth and understanding, joy and fulfilment to their life.

Our classes are free - donations appreciated - all welcome
Online classes

Due to the current Covid-19 levels, our programs are back online only

Mantra Meditation
an introductory class

MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION CLASS ONLINE                                  

Email us to join our online interactive Meditation Class. You will need to be able to access Skype. Our small interactive classes are held each fortnight Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.  

One on One Meditation Classes
If you wish to have a one on one online class, please email us and we can arrange a time that works for you. 

MANTRA NIGHT                                           Online  6.00pm Sundays

Join us for our unique blend of Kirtan Music Meditation and Spiritual Inspiration. Set to soulful and upbeat tunes, become immersed in the ocean of beautiful Transcendental Sound. This form of meditation is simultaneously fun yet very powerful, and provides the perfect de-stress in these troubled times.

Hear inspirational, spiritual insights from International Yoga Wisdom teacher, Acharya das as he speaks on relevant issues that effect all of us and the solutions to them that can be applied in our everyday lives.

YOGA WITH CARRIE                                Online 6:00pm Mondays    

For all our friends who love coming to our classes, Yoga Journey, Deep Peace Meditation, Heart of's the lovely Carrie who has helped

us at many retreats and our International Yoga Day celebrations, with her online yoga and meditation session. 

YOGA JOURNEY                                             Online  7.30 Thursdays     

A complete yoga experience, bring your attention to the body with gentle hatha yoga stretches, become aware of the mind during our relaxation session, and nourish the soul as you immerse yourself in kirtan.

DEEP PEACE MEDITATION                          Postponed                                                              

Experience the calming and restorative effect of yoga relaxation and mantra meditation. These ancient yoga practices can help you overcome stress and anxieties, helping to relieve tension and calm the mind. Guided breathing, relaxation, meditation and kirtan. Pure relaxation of body, mind and soul.   

MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION                      Postponed

Learn calming and relaxing techniques through breathing exercises, visualizations and guided relaxation meditations to help ease your stress and enable you to take a break from the endless chatter of the mind. 

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