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 a simultaneously fun yet very powerful form of meditation

What is Kirtan
Kirtan is the hearing and chanting of transcendental sound or mantras. By meditating on these beautiful transcendental sounds we can free the heart and mind of the stress and anxieties of daily life and begin to taste the inner happiness that we are always searching for. Kirtan gradually cleanses your mind and heart, enabling you to discover and experience your real identity, self-worth, and purpose in life. 

It awakens and cultivates the innate wisdom, happiness, and spiritual love lying dormant within us.

Kirtan is for everyone. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It transcends all languages, nationalities, and religious faiths. Kirtan is as universal as a beautiful sunrise. 

Kirtan or Mantra Meditation has been practiced since time immemorial and is the recommended process for self-realization in the modern age.


How is Kirtan practiced

Weaving together melody, music and mantra, kirtan can be practiced with or without instruments, and in any musical style. You can practice alone or in a small or large group. You can chant loudly or softly, you can dance, or sit quietly. Kirtan is generally practiced as call and response, one person will lead the kirtan and others respond in unison, repeating the mantra.


What is a Mantra

'Man' means mind and 'tra' to draw away, so 'Mantra' means to draw the mind away from the material dimension and place it on the spiritual. Mantras or Transcendental Sound is not something that can be made up and they are not specific to a particular religion or region of the world. Authentic Mantras are not material sound, their essence is Transcendental. They are comprised of the names or descriptions of the

Supreme Soul and originate in the spiritual realm, descending to the material platform without losing any potency.

Spiritual Love

Everyone is looking for something real, lasting and fully satisfying in their life. We all want to be happy, to love and be loved unconditionally.

The “something” we are all looking for is to experience spiritual love by reconnecting with our true spiritual essence and spiritual source, the

Supreme Soul. Kirtan nourishes the soul’s deepest need by reawakening this spiritual love within our hearts. 

Ksama Lotus.jpg

If you regularly bathe your mind and heart in transcendental sound,

you will begin to experience being situated in the world of pure, unconditional love for the Supreme Soul

and all living beings.

Experience Kirtan

Come celebrate, meditate and let the music set you free!


Join like minded souls in the inspiring experience of live kirtan.

Just bring your voice, your enthusiasm and an open heart.
Sing, dance and meditate on the beautiful Transcendental Mantras set to soulful

and upbeat tunes. This form of meditation is simultaneously fun yet very powerful, and

provides the perfect de-stress to the end of your week and start to the new one! 


600pm  SUNDAYS Grey Lynn Community Center, 510 Richmond Rd

also live-streamed

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