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Benefits of Meditation

  • Increased clarity and decision-making ability    

  • Stress relief and inner peace

  • Improved physical and mental health 

  • Freedom from anxiety and fear

  • Deeper inner happiness and fulfillment

  • Ability to let go of anger

  • Overcoming bad habits

  • Increased patience

  • Compassion for others

  • Inner strength and confidence

  • Inner beauty

  • Increased creativity

  • More harmonious relationships

  • Improved sleep


Meditation is for everyone

No matter what your age, occupation or status in life is, everyone needs a sanctuary from the demands of modern living.

People today are turning to meditation for many reasons: to find relief from the stress and anxiety of their daily lives; to find some peace after a traumatic event or looking for a deeper understanding of the self and the purpose of life.   


Experience Deep Happiness from Meditation

Everyone experiences both the sadness and happiness which results from ever-changing circumstances in life. There is fortune, there is misfortune. There is wealth; there is poverty. There is beauty; there is ugliness. There is good health; there is sickness and so on. However, whether we are experiencing temporary happiness or sadness, we can possess a deeper happiness and well-being which has no opposite. This is why such happiness is called transcendental happiness—it transcends the constant changes of material life.

Meditation Offers the Spiritual Food We All Need

Most of us have experienced feeling deep inside that something is missing in our life. We may try to fill up our emptiness in various ways—travelling, shopping, eating, keeping busy, etc. but no matter what we do in life, without spiritual food/sustenance, we will remain empty inside, looking for something more. That “something” is reconnecting to our spiritual source, to experience spiritual love. Meditation can reawaken this spiritual love within our hearts.

Mantra Meditation for this Day and Age
Mantra Meditation is the recommended process and the most effective and practical form of meditation in this time we are living in. Mantra Meditation is based on the hearing and repeating of Transcendental Sound vibrations. These Mantra’s draw the mind away from the material dimension and place it on the spiritual dimension. By meditating on these beautiful spiritual sounds, our hearts and minds can become purified and we can experience the inner peace, joy, unconditional love and fulfilment we are all searching for.


Mantra meditation can be practised alone or with a group of family or friends. Young, old, no matter what your race, faith or culture, anyone can practice this very simple and powerful form of meditation.

Virtual  Workshop

Follow these simple step by step meditation techniques in your own home.

Begin Your Personal Sadhana Daily Meditation Practice Now!

   Deep Peace Relaxation

In this session all you have to do is to lie down, get comfortable and we’ll guide you through a variety of breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques that will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of body, mind and heart.


    Gauranga Breathing

Gauranga breathing combines  both the breath and meditation. It is a wonderful way to relax and calm the body, mind and nervous system.  It helps you to focus and is a very nice way to start your meditation practise, followed by japa or kirtan.


          Japa Meditation

Japa meditation is the chanting or repeating of sacred mantras using japa mala or meditation beads. It is an individual practice which incorporates the sense of touch to help you focus.


Japa beads  $5 

Please send us an email to order.

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         Kirtan Meditation

Kirtan is a simultaneously fun,

yet powerful form of meditation. 

Kirtan is the singing of Transcendental Sound or Mantras. It can be practised alone, with friends or with a group, with one person leading and others responding. It can

be quiet and soulful, or loud and upbeat. 

Yoga Nidra.jpg
Mindfulness & Meditation

​        Benefits​

  •  freedom from a restless mind 

  •  a way to become less reactive to thoughts, emotions, events       

  •  a clear mind         

  •  insight into your true nature

About Mindfulness Meditation

Have you ever stopped to consider what is causing you stress? We all find ourselves, at some point or another, thinking about our problems incessantly, turning them over and over in our minds and allowing our worries to affect our emotions. The practice of Mindfulness allows you to take a break from the endless chatter of your mind, helps one to control their mind, and learn to step back and watch their mind, not be driven by it.

Mindfulness Techniques Include

Breathing exercises, visualisations, guided relaxations and meditations.​ These calming and relaxing practices, set to ease your stress, help you think more clearly and enable you to watch your mind as a passive observer.

Insights on Mindfulness
Virtual  Workshop

Take a break from the endless worries and chatter of your mind - please click the pic

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Insights on Mindfulness
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MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION       7-8pm Mondays
Ferndale House 830 New North Rd, Mt Albert
Learn how to cope with the stresses and anxiety of modern day living with guided mindfulness & authentic meditation practices. Reflect on ancient yoga wisdom to enhance your understanding of the goals and benefits of meditation. Message or call/txt  Radha on  027 404 7920.

Online Class

Personal Meditation Class
If you wish to have a one on one, personal meditation class online, please email us and we can arrange a time that works for you.  

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