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International Yoga Day

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

International Yoga day was a wonderful experience for all who attended. Everyone was touched by the community feel of being together and working towards peace and harmony in the world. The day began with opening speech from Varansadha – a friend of Meditation NZ- on the meaning of yoga. He talked about how asanas and meditation are part of the 8 limbs of yoga. This was followed by a Beginners Yoga stretch session taken by Rire Yoga Rhythms. Radha from Meditation NZ led the Yoga nidra – relaxation part, followed by a mindfulness yoga meditation- Gauranga pranayama breathing completed with a beautiful kirtan of transcendental yoga sound mantras. Next, Kara Leah-Grant from The Yoga Lunchbox spoke about yoga and then her and Rire taught a beautiful free yoga routine which ended in a circle of OM chanting that reached the ceiling and beyond. It was all very powerful and freeing. After a short break of refreshments including hot soup, chai tea, vegan muffins, vegan veggie stack, Ivesvara from Meditation NZ led a moving kirtan meditation. Following the break, Nikki Ralston from Urban Ashram led her yoga routine of Hatha Yoga asanas. She ended with a very heartfelt and moving OM experience. Mantra Night Kirtan band closed out the day with a selection of mellow and upbeat kirtans. Yoga day was a beautiful combination of yoga asanas and yoga sound meditation.

An enlightening experience to treasure.

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