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Ashraya - Sacred Music Concert!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Mystic Journey Sacred Music Concert

Join one of Australia's leading kirtan bands Ashraya for an ethereal evening of guided meditations, uplifting sacred music, and profound yoga wisdom! Coming to New Zealand for the first time, experience Ashraya's groundbreaking meditation journey! This spiritually infused soundscape begins slow and contemplative, with breath work, mantra, and conscious listening. From there, the music continues to build, the crescendo peaks enticing the audience to sync their movements with the ebbing and flowing of mantras, melody and rhythm. This beautiful sacred music seamlessly weaves a fusion of sacred mantras with world grooves that induces both contemplation and peacefulness, as well as light hearted and euphoric dance.

Fri Feb 23rd 5pm - 6:30pm at the 2018 International Yoga Festival held at Kawai Purapura Sat Feb 24th 9pm - 10:30pm at the 2018 International Yoga Festival held at Kawai Purapura Sun Feb 25th 6pm - 8pm at Mantra Night, Grey Lynn Community Centre Who are Ashraya? Weaving together timeless mantras with amazing music, Ashraya brings a unique and creative approach to kirtan. From heart-warming, mellow harmonium chants to upbeat kirtan dance grooves, there is something for everyone with Ashraya. Ashraya means "shelter", and the sacred mantras they share are the perfect shelter for a person to weather the storm of material life. Don’t miss out on this chance to refresh and tune in with sacred sounds!

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