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Living In The Now - Sat 15th Dec 2018

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What does “Living in the Now” mean?

Most don’t understand it or “get it wrong”, but it’s an ancient and deeply spiritual experience that is life-changing. This inspirational, deeply-immersive one-day retreat experience can completely change your life and lead to fulfillment and happiness.

Retreat includes inspirational workshops with international yoga wisdom teacher Acharya das, the ancient "Silent Witness" meditation technique, relaxation & yoga nidra, meditative and upbeat kirtan music meditation, gentle yoga stretches, mindfulness, delicious plant-based lunch and refreshments. Suits all levels.

Limited space, so booking and prepayment is a must to reserve your space! $35 pp. Ph Ali 021 1179029. Kawai Purapura (Shanti Room), 14 Mills Lane, Albany

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